Cancha ascendant pack the modular backpack

Cancha Ascendant Modular Backpack – A Reliable Travel Backpack

Cancha Ascendant Modular Backpack

Cancha ascendant pack the modular backpack

Cancha Ascendant Modular Backpack is an innovative travel and tennis backpack that you can customize as you like. With this, 4 modular attachments are available, which you can use according to your needs.

If you are fond of playing tennis, then you can add a racket bag with this backpack which can carry 4 tennis rackets. If you want to go swimming or go to the gym, you can attach a wet-dry bag with it.

Wet-dry bags will keep your dry clothes separate from wet clothes so such bags are useful and you should always have one such bag while going to the gym.

Cancha ascendant pack the modular backpackCancha ascendant pack the modular backpack

Also, you will get a medium day bag to keep all your tech devices. And Cancha Ascendant Modular Backpack has its capacity of 32 liters, so it can easily carry a lot of your things. Along with that, this backpack is completely waterproof.

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Apart from this, its backside is made of EVA foam and at the same time, there are ergonomic patterns on the backside, due to which it becomes very comfortable and breathable.

Cancha ascendant pack the modular backpack

Moreover, Cancha Ascendant Modular Backpack is made up of eco-friendly materials and the company that makes it is a member of 1% for the planet.

Because of that, 1% of the gross revenue of this company will be donated to Non-profit organizations. So if you want to help yourself and the environment, then bring this backpack.

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