Newton lever-press espresso maker

Newton Lever-Press Espresso maker is the ultimate gadget to make espresso

Newton Lever-Press espresso maker

Newton lever-press espresso makerNewton lever-press espresso maker

Want to make espresso yourself then get yourself newton lever-press espresso maker. It has a simple and clean design which requires manpower to create a delicious cup of espresso.

The newton lever-press espresso maker comes in two models. The first model is designed to be placed on your counter and second is designed to be mounted on a wall.

Newton lever-press espresso makerNewton lever-press espresso maker

The functionality of both models is the same. To make espresso through this device, first, you have to add your grinds to the basket then pour some boiling water then you have to just push and pull the lever to make a delicious cup of espresso.

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Newton lever-press espresso maker pushes the boiling water through grinds to bring out the delicious flavour of espresso.

Newton lever-press espresso makerNewton lever-press espresso makerNewton lever-press espresso maker

Also, you will be manually creating your espresso so its taste will be according to your preference.

It is a lightweight gadget which weight only 2kg and it can hold 15g to 18g of grinds. Also, it produces zero waste. It has a double seal piston which helps it in creating pressure of 8-9 bar or 100-120psi.

It is a very beautifully designed gadget which is made of natural and manmade materials. It includes materials such as powder-coated stainless steel, anodized aluminium, and clear coated maple timber.

Newton lever-press espresso maker

Such a unique combination of materials only adds to the beauty of newton lever-press espresso maker. So if you want to make a cup of espresso of your preference then this will be the best gadget for you.

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