Ooni Karu

Ooni Karu – A Revolutionary Gadget for Creating Heavenly Pizza

Ooni Karu – A Powerful Portable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Ooni KaruOoni KaruOoni Karu

Ooni Karu is a portable oven of weight 12kg that makes pizza with the help of wood and charcoal fire. Many people like to cook pizza in a wood fire and this oven is designed for them only.

There is a big difference between a regular oven and a wood-fired oven. Food cooked in a regular oven does not smell like the food cooked in a wood-fired oven.

Ooni Karu is a powerful oven that reaches temperatures up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit in just 15 minutes. And with the help of this oven, you can cook any 12-inch pizza in just 60 seconds.

Ooni KaruOoni Karu

Also, the design of Ooni Karu is very good and because of its design, it can hold heat very well, which cooks food very quickly. Along with that, with the help of this oven, you can easily make fish, meat, vegetables, and pizza.

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And the smell of the food cooked in this oven is amazing and due to which the food becomes more delicious.

The body of this oven is made of ceramic fiber-insulated stainless steel and its baking board is made of extra-thick stone, due to which this oven can easily bear a lot of heat.

Ooni KaruOoni Karu

Apart from this, this oven is only 12 kg and it is also very easy to open and pack, due to which you can easily take it anywhere.

This is an amazing oven that can prepare the best quality pizza in just 1 minute, so if you have to organize a fabulous party then don’t forget to bring it.

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